Coronavirus update for Health House Dental Practice

To our patients and friends,

Following the news released on Monday 04/01/2021 regarding lockdown measures, we can confirm that the Practice is still OPEN. The patient journey remains the same from when we reopened in June 2020, with emphasis being placed on social distancing and cross infection control. We ask all patients that attend, to wear a face covering and to be patient as we follow the new procedures that have now become the ‘new normal’ at the Practice.

All booked appointments will be going ahead as planned. If you need to reschedule an appointment, please contact us as soon as possible.

To reassure you, we have well-established health and safety measures in place to keep both patients and staff safe. If you need further information about the changes that have taken place for when you attend your appointment, please give us a call (02392 373277).

We will continue to run clinics in Cosham on Tuesdays, Thursdays and some Fridays.
You will still be able to be treated by Lizzie and Sophie at their other practice, Victoria Dental Practice in Southsea, if these days are not convenient for you, or the location of Victoria Dental Practice is more acceptable. 


The guidelines we have in place, means the process for appointments must be slightly different. Treatment appointments are only available in specifically allocated clinic times to allow for extra decontamination and check-up appointments must be staggered so we can safely move you around the building.

Please remember that prevention is best for you and your teeth, waiting until you have a dental problem is never recommended, especially now when treatment must be planned and booked in advance.


Some of you have already experienced our new patient journey. When you arrive for an appointment you are now met at the door, given hand sanitiser and your temperature will be taken. The waiting room for Health House Dental Practice in Cosham is now on the landing and in Southsea we have been able to socially distance the chairs as the practice itself is a lot bigger.
Please do not arrive too early for your appointment as the waiting areas are limited, you may occasionally be asked to wait outside or in your car, this is to protect you.


There have been necessary changes to both practices, but the staff and friendly welcome remain the same.


Kind regards,
Sophie & Lizzie Allcock