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Fee Per Item - Pay as you go

Treatment Description                          Cost

Routine Examination                                 £47.00

New Patient Examination                          £77.00

Hygiene Treatment                                    from £75.00

X-Rays                                                          from £15.00

Composite fillings                                      from £97.00

Root canal treatment                                from £320.00

Crowns/Veneers                                         from £500.00

Bridges                                                        from £500.00 per unit

Dentures                                                      from £675.00

Extractions                                                  from £105.00

Out of hours call out fee                           £150 (plus cost of treatment)
Out of hours telephone consultation     £40
Accident & Emergency insurance            Not included

Please note:
There is a surcharge added to all treatment costs for non-registered patients.
To be registered, patients must attend for regular dental examinations.

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