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Coronavirus update for Health House Dental Practice

To our patients and friends,


We hope you are safe and well during these strange times as we begin to adjust to the ‘new normal’.

You are probably aware that we had to temporarily close Health House Dental Practice in Cosham and work from our other dental practice in Southsea. We have treated some of you down there and it has been lovely seeing the friendly faces we have got to know over the years, even if it is through a mask!

We are back working at Health House Dental Practice in Cosham on a Thursday during August.
From September we will running clinics in Cosham on a Tuesday and a Thursday.
You will still be able to be treated in Southsea by Lizzie and Sophie if these days are not convenient for you, or the location of Victoria Dental Practice is more acceptable.

The guidelines we have in place, means the process for appointments must be slightly different. Treatment appointments are only available in specifically allocated clinic times to allow for extra decontamination and check-up appointments must be staggered so we can safely move you around the building.

All appointments booked before lockdown for during August are cancelled.
If you had an appointment cancelled between March and August and have not been rebooked, please call so we can speak to you. As you can imagine we have 10 weeks of appointments to rebook, by calling us at a convenient time with your calendar ready - we can ensure this process is as efficient as possible.

Please remember that prevention is best for you and your teeth, waiting until you have a dental problem is never recommended, especially now when treatment must be planned and booked in advance.

Some of you have already experienced our new patient journey. When you arrive for an appointment you are now met at the door, given hand sanitiser and your temperature will be taken. The waiting room for Health House Dental Practice in Cosham is now on the landing and in Southsea we have been able to socially distance the chairs as the practice itself is a lot bigger.
Please do not arrive too early for your appointment as the waiting areas are limited, you may occasionally be asked to wait outside or in your car, this is to protect you.

There have been quite a few changes to both practices, but the staff and friendly environment of Health House Dental Practice remains the same.


Kind regards,
Sophie & Lizzie Allcock