2. Denplan Monthly Payment Plan

Treatment description                               Cost

Routine examination                                        Included

Hygiene treatment (20min appt)                 Included

X-Rays                                                                   Included

Amalgam fillings                                                Included

Composite fillings                                             Included

Root canal treatment                                      File costs only

Crowns/Veneers                                                 Lab fee only

Bridges                                                                  Lab fee only

Dentures                                                               Lab fee only

Extractions                                                          Included

Out of hours call out fee                               £20.00

Accident & emergency insurance              Included

Denplan Assessment Fee - from £35 for assessment of dental fitness and category quote (patients must have a Denplan Leaving form that is less than 1 month old AND they must sign up on the day) -  if not then the New Patient Examination cost will apply.

Denplan Care Category Fees:


Fee Code            Monthly

A                              £14.80

B                              £21.60

C                              £26.60

D                              £33.86

E                              £41.74